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We want you to be happy and healthy because we want to live amongst happy and healthy people. You do want to be happy don't you?

Well if you are struggling to motivate yourself to live a healthier and happy life, finding a personal trainer or joining a group exercise class is a great solution.

The advantage of a real-life trainer as opposed to a digital device is that they react to your mood and understand how difficult it can be to motivate yourself. Joining a class of other people with the same mindset is an even better option. You get to join a community of like-minded individuals who are having fun and making progress.

  • Meet people - Join in with people who will become your friends
  • Don't worry - Lots of great advice from professionals and fellow students
  • Fitness and fun - Get the exercise you need and the fun you want
  • Free to Download - The app leads you right to the class

A whopping £3.7 Billion pounds are spent every year on gym membership by everyday people that do not attend their gym once. We are all so busy that making time to attend regularly is often not realistic, and as a result we often let the year slip by without making any time to train or exercise!

All of this wasted money can be better spent on more effective exercise programmes under the expert supervision of a qualified mentor - the age of group training is here - it's time to beat the subscription restriction!

Once you have sampled how much simplier things become when you have an advisor for your exercise, your diet and your lifestyle, we are certain you won't look back!

GTme finds local classes on a map on your phone so you can choose classes or activities based on proximity, activity type, places remaining or the trainer teching the class

With the unique approach of GTME you can choose your activities individually, rather than be tied to a single instructor or activity type. Classes are listed as individual activites and you can sign up for as many or as few as you like.

When you join the GTME family, expect high-energy and motivational group training that’s designed to get you the results you want. Our exercise programs are functional, challenging and will push you to your limits but in a way that you are comfortable with!

Costly up-front fees and lock-in contracts are usually synonymous with outdoor group training. On top of that, you never know that you are committing to is the class you are looking for. GTME members only pay for the sessions they join. No obligations and no lock-in contracts involved. Get high quality workouts and professional experts at a fraction of the cost of personal training.

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Use our app to the full to get everything you can from your local fitness community - beat the subscription restriction and find your fitness freedom with GTme!

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Every trainer and class can be found online - we can help you find relevant local classes.

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Download GTme and find local classes and training sessions easily at any time from your phone.

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Keep up-to-date with classmates using FaceBook and Twitter updates as well as Instagram pics and comments!

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Regular updates as well as offers that keep you returning for more classes to stay fit!

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Whether you are interested in track and field, gym classes, spinning, yoga or pilates, we can put you in touch with the closest, most highly qualified and successful trainer for your chosen activity. we also offer searches based on cost, age, experience and sex.

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Of course you can just download the Personal Trainer App on the iOS or Google Play app store but if you want to find out more information on building your client base or where you can meet like minded people we can point you in the direction of our forum or find new deals for you and your club.